Letter From Charles' Mom


Thank you so much for coming to my son's website!  Your support is tremendously important as comedy has been the saving grace for Charles and our family.

I used to worry a lot about Charles. As a student he very rarely did his homework choosing instead to make home made dolls of the brown haired girls in his class. Teachers would send him home saying "he's desperate for attention", the brown haired girls would say he was "creepy" and one child therapist said he was "definitely bi-polar". Most people didn't understand that Charles was a unique child. I remember he would always crack me up at night when I was combing and braiding his hair before bed. He excelled in ballet class and had the most creative situations for his Barbies. All he needed was an outlet and thank goodness for comedy! Now it's funny for him to write poems or make dolls for brown haired girls. People can laugh at the fact that he doesn't brush his teeth and that he can't look at himself in a mirror. He has made something positive out of all the stuff we worried so much about. So thank you for your support. Next up, we need to get him a nice girl who can take over the burden of supporting him financially!

Patricia Gould